It's easy to find a painter who can daub all the walls, windows and doorhandles with white paint in a moment. Finding the one who would spare neither effort, nor time to produce precise work is much more difficult. The same situation may apply to the proper quality management expert. You won't face a challenge if you are merely pushed by external duress and if you content yourself with quasi-, half-measures. Otherwise, if you needed real solutions, you had better accept that it takes time to find the ideal expert. But what makes the difference between the painter who produces an incredible mess and the one who does not leave a splotch behind?

Let us have a look at the six upmost competences of the good quality expert!
Dares to doubt
Someone who claims to be able to instantly solve any problem single-handed actually may not have much sense of quality. A good quality management expert is aware of his own limitations as well as his opportunities to map and resolve problems extending beyond himself. If a consultant cannot conjure up a case in which the resolving of a problem required him to involve external help, he is either inexperienced or he is slubbering over his job.
In respect of long-term solutions, you had better choose an expert who favours accurate work performance rather than his own popularity. The main objective of a good quality management expert is represented by real work performance, even if this entails a degree of loss in popularity at the workplace.
Positive approach to mistakes
The good quality management expert does not consider mistakes to be regrettable and destructive, indeed, approaches them as symptoms by the help of which the source of the “disease” can be detected. The timely discovered and properly analyzed mistake can facilitate to find the ideal “remedy” as well as can promote the efficient improvement of processes.
Active even when it’s not required...
You can lean back in your chair only in case you’ve found an expert who would be working actively on the improvement of your company’s functioning without any request to do so. What’s more, the ideal expert makes you face with problems you’d rather ignore. The good quality expert is like your own conscience. You are often dejected by his comments, still you know deep inside that he is indispensable to maintain and improve quality..
Exceptional value
Judgement - The good quality expert not only follows operative standards, but also has own moral rules. This internal value-judgement supports his decision-making when law does not give a clue. In order to find the ideal expert it is necessary to bring forward some practical issues and survey the expert's skills whether his internal value-judgement suits to the company's standards.
Watchtower in the company's life
The good quality expert's daily work does not end up with going home. At the end of the day he neither puts aside his moral values, nor his aware problem-solving skills along with his coat. Also in his private life the quality expert should represent the company's respected standards and values which make him professional in his job.


Publisher: Piac&Profit
Authors Zsófia Erzsébet Deák,
Zsuzsanna Kohl,
FrameWork Hungary Ltd.