From the many – sometimes even too many – we will pick only three to make your choice easier, „Which to follow?”. One by one we will help you to get to know all the three and understand their different perspectives. After you will be done reading all the three articles you will be able to combine the different models with each other. It is only depending on your taste and your personal leadership style which will suit you best or which part of the model you wish to follow.



STAR Team leadership model – For superheroes and their trainer

The STAR leadership model is for those leaders, who wants to focus not only on the inside but the outside factors as well which are hard or even impossible to change by the organization itself. If you feel like your work is highly affected by partner companies, regulations, or legal environment - this is your way of leading. This model do not wish to have the false belief that „If you work hard enough you can reach any goals no matter what.” It does matter what is your organizations surroundings therefore you always have to be ready for changes. How to do that?

The START leadership model is building on your team’s strengths. If you work with everyone’s natural skills, you can have the privilege of leading a bunch of superheroes. No matter what your colleague is good at you just have to find the use of that skill and build it in your strategy. If you like the Marvel Universe let’s just say you can be Professor X.

Since this whole leadership model is working with the strengths of the group, teamwork is in it’s prime focus. You have to figure it out how to use all the different skills and knowledge together and most efficiently. The values which cannot be used in the group are not real values at all. You have to focus on the long term interests of the group, rather than supporting individual career goals.

It is not enough that your team is working together they must work for the right purpose as well. You have to organise them to use their strengths not just as a team, but a team which is working for the organizations short and long term goals as well. For that reason you have to show a clear path with visible and understandable steps to follow. You need to be available and ready to give feedbacks and advices on how to continue.

There are no good leaders without transparent results. You have to make sure that you help your team being able to see their path including the successes and the sideways as well. If your goals were well defined you won’t be misguided by objective results. You also have to remained opened to change the chosen path based on the results in case it is clearly necessary.

Other factors
Even if you would like to believe it otherwise your organization’s goals and methods can always be somewhat effected by outside factors. This still does not mean to be harm for you if you are prepared. Even though you cannot always change the outside factors, you can change the ways of handling its effects or adapt to the outside factor if necessary.

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