Changes are going to be introduced in the quality management system standards of ISO 9001. These changes will have an impact on Hungarian enterprises and organizations which apply quality management systems based on these standards. The current draft of the standards abolishes the culture of documentation printed in bold and the faulty practices resulted by the misinterpretation of instructions.
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Author Zsuzsanna Kohl
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What changes do the companies expect?
The current draft of the standard is basically include changes in which process approach receives prominent role. Risk-based approach replaces the classic corrective - preventive measure which is currently being drafted to improve the efficiency of the operation. Top management will require more active participation of the quality management system operation and greater emphasis should be given to the question how to determine the processes covered by the quality management system applies. This is also one of the most important and critical component of quality management systems. 
Regulations concerning documentation and quality control manual are also changing, recognizing the application of electronic solutions necessity also. Therefore, most companies will have to develop its own documentation system.
The language of the standard will be understandable about the clarification of terminology, so in the future the misinterpretation of practice will be avoided. The clarifications concerning the procurement, suppliers, the products and services as well.
However, what is more important that the structure of the standard have changed and the intention in the future is that each management system standard follow this frame structure. This makes it easier for coordinated and coherent integration of management systems, so that will be easier using multiple standards simultaneously.
When will changes come into force?
The final version of the International Standard appears in September 2015, therefore, those organizations that want to align their operations to the new directive, can start the transition earliest at the end of next year.


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