"Efforts related to nature conservation are conservative: the "conservationists" do not want to protect the "nature", but the ordinary nature of  nature, like an ecological state, which is just as "natural" or "unnatural" than any other state." (Wolfgang Behringer)
Publisher: Piac&Profit
Author Zsuzsanna Kohl
FrameWork Hungary Ltd.
Environmental protection represents a key issue all over the world. Several countries agree with the importance of placing emphasis on this matter and make attempts to optimize measures concerning the protection of the globe. Therefore, governments are putting more and more pressure on enterprises as well as on professional organizations, supply chains and other social and financial stakeholders too. Most enterprises have already recognized that environmental awareness can not only protect our living space, but actually saves money.
At the same time laying foundations for "eco-consciousness" is a more complex task in case of an environmental measure.
Here are some possible environmental factors:
  • Battery Waste
  • Construction waste material
  • Ink cartridges, toner waste
  • Powder arising from the activities of dental
  • Flammable or harmful store
  • Solvents and chemical bottles
  • Paper, stationery waste
  • Passenger operations
  • Grooming Bottles, Boxes
By defining factors that affect the environment and with regulated processes this load can be reduced in many times.
To you can handle environmental action in your company's between a systematic frameworks and be able to develop environmentally oriented operations, is needed to formulate goals that provide direction for the measures. If you can draw up concretely, what form you will reduce the environmental impact of the firm and what you need to do exactly in order to reduce the risks, it greatly helps to keep environmentally the right direction of the business.
Effects on the environment and matching the objectives of the control of work processes, instruction environment is to be created, setting the basis for the environmentally conscious operation. However, due to legal, technical and other changes, it must strive to these internal regulations and the goals will keep under review, reassess and make changes where appropriate.
To develop and maintain an environmentally conscious company there is a need to staff be informed and trained continuously. By supplying, storing and using manufactured products within controlled framework you can also eliminate or reduce the environmental burden. It is also important to manage suitable conditions in the appropriate industry, to observe relevant labor and fire regulations.
Effective environmental management thinking by the green-minded companies and the related useful and powerful tools help to implement good practice and interpret relevant information from the environmental point of view in a way allow cost-effective, systematic and flexible solutions.