According to the recently enacted LVII 2015. law on the energy efficiency, large companies have two options: energy audits should be kept until the 5th of December, and then every four years it should be repeated, or they have to obtain ISO 50001 energy management system certification. However, if we read between the lines, several possible solutions can be found to meet the legislation, and also improve our energy efficiency. We present the details for you!
Energy audit in every 4 years
The fastest solution to meet the legalisation, but its cost comparing to pay- off is high and extending the all sites and areas of company energy audit should be carried out.  
Based on the result of audit cost reduction can be available only in the way of investment proposal. It has fix cost in every 4 years, furthermore the audit is just related to building energetics that is in general total up to 40% of total energy consumption. It is worthy to count also with the remaining 60%, we present options/alternatives here in after.
Energy audit and application of energy efficiency methods
Because of the fact quickness the opportunity of carry out obligatory audit it will be chosen by a great many. Itself, energy audit is not enough yet for a company’s energy consumption improvement, but it would give bases for company due to audit can decide that what kind of energy efficiency methods are rewarding to apply in interest of improving the energy performance methodically. If a company would not engage to ISO system certificatory then it is also practical to get know this energy efficiency methods and management implements with which energy performance of company can be improved without investments and additional expenditures. The Framework Hungary Ltd. provides an unique option in Hungary: configuration of energy management system starts from basics through the training of internal auditors- in frame of online e-learning program. This modern learning method does not require other tools only a computer and internet connection and it can be adjusted to individual schedule. Providing several download guides, curriculum provided with videos and infographics and it contributes to everyone can learn the proper performance of ISO systems according to standards, or get internal auditor qualification. The awareness-raising is ensured by regularly self-tests, finally customers can download their certification too. By the suggested methods 10% of energy saving will be achieved that in this case of large company means significant saving, without it would have carried out building energetics investment. In so many companies comply with its legislative liability by carrying out an energy audit, for this end not necessary to get ISO certification, but applying the standard can take an advantage to foster pay offs of energy audit. Further information:
Obtaining certification of standards ISO 50001
The most economical version to meet the legalisation if we perform the operation according to the standard ISO 50001 then make it certified. In this case it is selectable that which areas of company would we focus by performing the system (scope definition, the energy management system can concern for instance to production), and in the configuration, neither obligated to make an audit by applying an energetic. Although the system must be maintained. By applying it energy costs methodical- up to 25 per cent right - the reduction can be achieved in a few years. By configuring the standard system company will save money on short- and long term also.
Which ones should we choose?
In light of the above mentioned so who do not regret money and want to find a quick soulition to meet the legalisation to carry out energy audit would provide a solution. Who asides would get to know more about energy efficiency methods or would like to configure energy management system according to standard ISO 50001 anyhow would be useful the economic, flexible, comfortable and high-standard online learning method. Who would like to save costs, avoid to make an audit by energetic and energy efficiency plays an important role, introducing ISO 50001 will be payable..