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Situation analysis

We analyse the situation of your company along with your actual management system in case you have one, we provide you with a decision-shaping material which exactly shows the directions you have to take for improving the operation/efficiency of the firm and propose several alternative solutions – for the short to medium and long term.

Business development

The well developed Sales and Marketing Strategy is the core of every enterprise. Modern, adaptive, detailed and cost effective. The real “Cutting Edge” technology. This is how it is done everywhere in the world. The business strategy – therefore your business plan – will be just as effective and easy to implement with the help of Framework. The easy way to sharp competitive edge and increased profits.

Operation control

We plan and carry out operate and process control projects, we manage WorkShops so that the cooperating departments of the organisation can work together more coordinated: manufacturing, research and development, sales, trading, technical implementations, back office services, etc.


It is advantageous for any business to make use of online training possibilities gain ground all over the world as this is an effective, profitable and cost-effective way of performing educational tasks that are necessary in the life of an organisation. We help you with reducing the time you have to spend on this tasks and avoiding pulling out colleagues of their daily work! Read more >>

Legal compliance

Legal compliance is mandory for enterprises and organizations FrameWork Hungary Kft. is constantly monitoring legal and other provisions, interprets them, keeps an eye on their changes and decides whether they are relevant to your company. If so, Framework Hungary Kft. also helps in specifying what to do for compliance with regulations concerned. Our statements and proposals are never effected by any business interests. This is one of our values we are proud of the most. Read more>>

International standards

Implementing management systems according to the requirements of ISO standards. Building and integrating management systems in your actual systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 17025, IATF 16949 etc.


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