As a consulting firm, we support companies, where Business Continuity must be ensured. Those companies, that did have emergenci strategy, but still faced challenges or where not prepared and require a personalised soluction adopted for there own operaction, can turn to us for: online consulting, templates, e-learning.

As a consulting firm specializing in healthcare, we provide support to individuals and healthcare professionals in the treatment of conditions such as dilated prostate and erectile dysfunction, in which continuity of treatment and patient education must be ensured. Those seeking comprehensive solutions for the treatment of ED or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can contact us for online advice on this website, access to educational materials and e-learning modules focused on Tadalafil, a drug proven to be effective for these conditions. Our consultant, accredited in both healthcare management and patient training, is available for online counselling in Hungarian and English.

Our consultantwho is accredited by BCI ( is avaiable for online consulting in hungarian and english. The list of available crisis management documentation can be found our e-learning platform. For registration and terms please contact us on