EU directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency is expected to be transported into the Hungarian legislation in the summer of 2015. This directive aims to grow the energy efficiency, reduce the energy consumption within EU. In our article it turns out, what it will mean for Hungarian companies.

The mentioned EU directive set as their main goal that in final energy conspumtion of states in the period until 2020 yearly 1,5% energy saving will be fulfilled, towards competitiveness and security of supply. It rates aggrevation comparing to the regaluation in force, because earlier –for the whole of EU- the targeted the prescribed saving total of 9% was increased to 20%. All of these mean extra obligations for states, for their fulfilment at the present the observance of current rules has already not adequate. The aim of the directive in long term besides reduces the loading of environment and reduce energy costs, confine consumption of fossil energy sources. All of those assist the increment of hungarian market’s competitiveness, by increasing reserves developement of Hungary’s energy security is being served.

What kind of obligation means it in prectice for national companies? 
Into our legal system by summer 2015 incorporating principle will prescribe for companies are larger than 250 employees or their revenue in excess of EUR 50 millioin the obligatory completion of energy audit by the end of the year, what thereafter should be repeated regulary.
The preparation for restricted regulates charge that companies with a lot of actions, paperworks, which until then had not put adequate emphasis to their energy management or not have operable energetic  management system. It is important to highlight that ISO 14001 not includes those regulations.

Where can help energy management system according to standard ISO 50001 in preparation and convenience to directive?
Between regulates of enactment and ISO 50001 a whole overlap is given, it means in practice that who operates according to the standard it practically agree with the regulations of directive. Not to say by the concrete requirements of standard concretizes and describes those processes, which EU directive expects in practice, including the energy survey of company, process of revision, defines action plans and methods. All of these enable that at operation of the company would agree for regulations to whole extent, ensure on this that companies are have energy management system according to standard are quit from the obligation of mandantory energy audit.

What suggests the expert?
„First of all not the adequancy for new rules gives its value if a company oprates according to the requirements of ISO 50001- explains Zsuzsana Kohl the expert  and CEO of FrameWork Hungary Ltd. what provides companies to introduce ISO 50001 system. The standard helps to achieve at reduction of company’s energy consumption and dioxid emission, as well as gives clear and comprehensive about the status of organization’s energy consumption, according to generates setting new goals. Provides a guide to evaluate energy consumption, measure, documentation, in course of the regulation the company evaluates and prioritize the new energy efficient technologies and dispatches, build a framework to their achievement. All of these in long term reduce maintenance costs, increase the capacity of company and demonstrate that the company is committed at supporting the environment protection and during its activities will not fall out by the international “green ” rules obstacle, – says the consultant who held an informational presentation on 26 March in Budapest in connection/association with the EU directive.

Author: Dániel Weszelovits
Lector: Zsuzsanna Kohl
FrameWork Hungary Kft.