The quality approach achieves success in several fields of society. At the same time, we must recognize that the applied method not lucky without exceptions in all cases. The amateur quality attitudes could stigmatize the belief in the entire sector, so actions often become  a victim of  scepticism, negative criticism.

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However, in the field of education the practice of quality have to fight not only with the negative welcome, but the  lack of uniformity in this area. Individual, organizational and social learning forms may differ greatly, thereby making difficult unified quality control. However, regardless of the difficulty of the task, we have to admit that the role of quality in the development of various forms of education has essential significance. In the life-cycle of an organization education is that guideline activity that helps in each objectives and their sure achievement. Practically, there is no quality direction that would have got across successfully without education. Whatsoever the task may seem complex to accomplish the organization’s trainings with regulated, subsidized quality system forms, we must take this challenge. The function of education system is a base of  all other controlled operation.

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Regulation of education must come off with more levels in order to success. We must recognize the necessity differences of individual and organizational learning and accordingly apply the group and individual learning forms. Education can help just in this case to success introduction of quality management systems, its maintenance and development, if all individual, group and involving the full organization related training are running in regulated, controlled frameworks.

Zsófia Eriksson,
FrameWork Hungary Kft