The main objective of the Energy Conservation Day is to promote responsible thinking in the right area of energy consumption. It draws attention to the problems that contribute to the depletion of environmental and economic resources as well as the opportunities which can properly resolve the energy consumption issues.

The aim of The European Union to reduce energy consumption with 20% by 2020. This means that there is a need for measures to promote efficient energy use and savings. The measures are focused not only on public transport, but also in the areas of manufacturing and the construction industry is affected, where the biggest savings can be made.


This is the purpose of the ISO 50001 energy management system standard published by the International Organization for Standardization, which describes the correct energy management practices of organizations. It helps organization maximize the use of energy resources to manage the operation so that the choices and tools related to energy consumption reduction of serve, saving energy costs. Energy review identified aspects of energy factors and estimated future consumption. To improve energy efficiency, have to ensure measuring systems, which helps to justify the effectiveness of the measures.
Where a significant proportion of the running costs of energy consumption makes up (such as hotels and health care facilities), spectacular results can be achieved. Characteristically, the areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made, the organizations often neglected during the planning and purchasing decisions. Thus, the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and the potential for financial savings is often left out.
The reduction of consumption is available with better utilization and development of the tools. Application of wireless technology, or automated systems also contribute the development of intelligent operation. These solutions make it possible for companies to monitor, manage and control their energy consumption, in addition to the same way of ensuring the daily operation.
Perhaps an organization that operates in accordance with a stable energy management system reaches or exceeds the requirements of the directive and does not require conversion in order to comply with regulations. In most cases, however, surely you will find the areas where you can improve, and the solutions that are inserted into the current workings, contribute to reducing energy consumption and optimizing operating costs.

Publisher: Piac&Profit
Author Zsuzsanna Kohl
FrameWork Hungary Ltd.