The international standard which is about the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System have changed. This change will have an effect to the Hungarian companies which are operating this system too. The new version contains a lot of important modifications – we collected them.

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The protection of the environment is very important issue all over the world, the governments of the various countries are obviously commanded to optimize actions concerning environment protection, so they put ever more pressure on not only enterprises, but the professional organizations, supply chains and othersocial and financial concerned in this case. Most enterprises are already recognized that with environmental thinking besides the protection of the environment, literally saves money.

Performing green thinking is a complex task

Performance of “green thinking” is more complicated task like an environmental dispose. For example, if you would develope your company selective waste collection, with this action not certainly did everything in order to protect our environment, because there may be other so-called environmental factors, which are charge or threaten the environment.
The well-designed environmental management system provides a framework for the continuous development and have to reduce effects on the environment. It is essential that everyone in the organization recognize the importance of avoiding environmental risks and hazards.
Nowadays, the environmental protection of organizations and enterprises would not run out with penalties associated with laws and regulations, the corporate dynamic, integral development is a part of the corporate environmental policy, which is the basis for all organization’s long-term strategic plans. They are supported by the management systems are set the standards.

Major Changes

In addition, the directive suits for a common structure of standards, because the aim is that other standards, in integrated system can be used easier with the ISO 14001 together. By the introduction of The new standard with the older ISO 14001: 2004 version has been repealed. Companies have 3 years to perform theirnew policies, change-over to requirements according to the standard ISO 14001: 2015. The ISO 14001: 2015 standard is currently available only in English, which was issued  by the International Organization for Standardization in September 2015.