Environmental consciousness is still only the second most important factor in reducing energy consumption. The catering industry and especially the hotel industry are among the largest consumers, so lower energy use may result in considerable cost savings. It is by all means a great challenge, as you must be careful not to let lower overhead expenses lead to a change in quality and in the comfort of the guests.

To the energy cost reduction there is a need for comprehensive approach rather than part solutions. So the hotel can create and maintain a long-term, planned and constantly monitored energy-saving operation. To do so, it provides a basis for ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard, and an energy management program that includes the main steps:

Survey in energy aspect

If you examine where the hotel substantial energy use and for what purpose is done, you can accurately determine that what you want to achieve. The hospitality industry, including hotel industry is among the biggest energy users. Therefore, utilization of existing energy consuming assets also want to check out. If we consider only the major systems based on this repair can be controlled unnecessary overconsumption. Energy can be saved countless areas of consumption, and a solution for certain activities, such as the outsourcing of laundry. However, we also need to see to what extent the hotel lies, pollute the environment and how it acts such as the treatment of non-renewable natural resources or greenhouse gas emissions.

Rank before the introduction of new energy-efficient improvements!

According to the energy aspects of survey results determined the next steps: what, to what extent and how it should be done in order to reduce power consumption. Here it is important to establish the correct order and to consider priorities. Therefore you can avoid the risk to take decision due to the latest fad or a clever sales. The areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made, should be managed in priority during the procurement and planning decisions. This is also important because of the increasingly varying supply market, it affects the quality of operation and should be ranked, for example, for each hotel products when purchasing new machines or when installing systems for financial savings. The new solution also depends on the success of the level of importance and energy cost savings can be achieved, how to capitalize the existing infrastructure and, last but not least, what funds are available for investment.

Monitoring and improving energy efficiency

In order to your hotel develop its own system of energy efficiency and can reduce operating costs, it should regularly monitor that measures and improvements have been achieved their goal, or improved the problems and move forward accordingly.

The energy management system results rapid and spectacular changes, introducing it is simple. However, operation it effectively there is a need to maintain continuous surveillance system.

Publisher: gsztujsag.com
Author Zsuzsanna Kohl
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