The international standard which is about the ISO 9001 Quality Management System have changed. This change will have an effect to the Hungarian companies which are operating this system too. The version of this standard which was realised in 2015 sells of the thick printed documentary culture and the misconceived bad exercises.

 The Standard ISO 9001:2015 was published by International Organization of Standardization in September 2015 at present only available in English yet. The principle contains such changes in which the process approach gives more determinative rule, respectively the risk based approach exchanges the basic correctant previous action, what should conceive for correcting the efficiency of operation. The management needs active participant in the actuation in quality management system and have to take higher importance on how to determinate the scope of processes at quality management system. We demonstrate more important changes with the help of Zsuzsanna Kohl the expert of FrameWork Hungary Kft.

Managing of documentations and the handbook of quality management and related regulations are changing too, recognizing the application of electronic solutions and their necessity. The chapter’s structure aspire to a coherent visualization of requirements, not that to be for the sample of a company policy, objectives and processes and for documentation. Insomuch as it is a widespread practice that the management documentation of companies follows the former chapters of standard, the most companies should adapt their own documentation system.

With the terminology identifications the standard’s language became more understanding, so avoidable in the future the misconstruction and overthinking of regulation in practical realization. Changes respect categories related to purchases, suppliers, respectively products and services. What is more important that construction of standard has changed and intend is that in the future each management system standards and their setup follow this draft. So become easier the aligned and consistent integration of management systems, so concurrent application of more standards become easier.

Publisher: Piac&Profit
Authors Zsófia Erzsébet Dek,
Zsuzsanna Kohl,
FrameWork Hungary Ltd.