The quality management system is like a primary school form teacher. There is better one and there is also such from whom we almost fear our children for him. Our expert helps that by our company you wouldn’t be the „number two”!

The bad form teacher is the kind that tries to narrow the class’ life and with setting up autoctractic rules aims to involve everything under the control, as the form teacher  rather bottleneck like help the children’s prosperitiy. There is no difference in the case of QMS (Quality Management System).

The article was published in the Profit & Market website.

The less is more

In the introduction of QMS we should avoid a lot pitfalls in order to not only come up with one of the futher possible solutions. The failed regulations and alterations are frequently being tried to fixed with firefighting procedures, regardless of the fact that it rarely leads to a solution. When developing the new system – as well as the conversion of the existing – the definition of bases is our major task. If the focus is placed on a part instead of the whole  – on lots of new process works much industrous hands – regardless of each other’s operations,then it is better  if we finally not introduce eventually the system was born in this way. It is better if we work on a few process, by their clarification and transformation after all we aspire to maximum depth.  We can be more effective if expectations of a given area are drawn more detailed and objective, rather than showing several unfinished, schematic, in context incomprehensible process.

Let us countdown the surpluses!

Before a process will be developed worth considering its neccesity. As bad form teachers  are to inhibit the talent’s work, so the QMS is prescrib unnecessary arrangements is detract from  effective fellow’s reputation. Experience shows that some companies have already met so many bad examples that have difficulties when QMS was promoted within the organization. Misconceptions, however, that the quality management system should counterwork the workers’ everyday lives. The regulations should target clearly the simplification of  processes, optimization of the practical work.

Not everyone is an expert

Let us count down the trade barbarism and targeted public understanding! If QMS would be a news-portal, don’t target the employees of the Academy of Sciences with its writings, but rather the “average reader”. What is meant by this? That our goal should  not be the training of quality assurance professional in-house. By production of understanding materials we can prove for all colleagues: don’t need to be a professional in order to participate in the process and help optimize the introduction of QMS successful. Avoid unnecessary technical terms, acronyms without explanation! Where it is avoided, do not refer unnecessarily, with difficulty explainable legislations. Avoid unnecessarily complicated sentence structures! As the popular news portals not draw up their daily political news that they will be underdtanding for only political science students, so we have to serve our auxiliary materials, which will understandable for not quality professionals.

The more expensive is not always the better

In many cases, we expect that, if nothing else, maybe an expensive software or hardware will help us in successful developement. However The QMS is about logical and effective solutions, rather than the expensive solutions. It is possible that these two concur, but not certain, that for example an expensive electronic mailing system also helps facilitate daily administration, if the colleagues who wish to correspond with each other sharing the same office.

The auditor also human

Not only for our colleagues is important, to initiate a simple, easily explainable and transparent quality management system. The auditor is also human, as such, it is easier to understand during an inspection the specifically and consistently objectives. Why is it good us if our processes are made up by considering the auditor, so that he can easily understand it? Because there’s nothing worse when we will be ploughed at the inspection, because colleagues, the auditor neither understand what is destined to demonstrate our success.

Zsófia Eriksson
FrameWork Hungary Kft.