The problems of Hungarian healthcare have become an everyday issue. We can see the related issues in the most diverse forums, in versatile approach. However we hear a few about what is in the background of difficulties. The media and the common opinion are mostly highlight the lack of money and motivation of workforce, in the practice is clearly more nuanced set of reasons.

The quality development in the Hungarian healthcare is mostly still there is only formally. Practical application of quality management systems compared to the attainment of certification is a secondary objective. Hereinafter we call the attention to the quality threatening problems in the Hungarian health services.

It’s worthy to start with listing of workforce related difficulties with labor shortages of the quality. According to the survey of EMKI only 48% of hospitals have a full-time quality assurance manager. The 65% of these institutions can only participate at the quality management leader in management meetings. The lack of quality professionals is inhibit the flexibly adaptable, easily observable and verifiable regulations and the possibility of the development which is flexibly adaptable to the Institution. With all the unquestionability of quality approach is in context.

Legal environment
Under Hungarian law of the health quality certification of institutions quality is voluntarily taken. Accordingly, the acquisition of the qualification cannot be fittingly rewarded, gaps remain without consequences. Without accreditation of health services quality of service indicators, including any changes are difficult to measure, in the success of process regularizations so we can never be sure of the full extent

Professionalism and Quality
Those institutions that undertake difficulties associated with the attainment of certification often experience that by the side of certificatory is not provided proper medical knowledge, so any cooperation, common thinking become causeless complicated, burdensome. Instead of feeling that the undertaken difficulties would show towards to an easier management, work order, the certification procedure is moving further into the actual practice.
The National Accreditation Board is not competent to make up profession-specific verification. The certification is exclusively could cover the qualification according to the general requirements are correspondent standards.

One of the biggest problem is the lack of standards. The value of the certifications – lack for common benchmark – varies widely. Indicators concerning Health care providers are only recommended, so their usage is not unified. The risk management for many organizations is unknown, or at least rarely rethought issue. Internal audit system of clinical institutions are also often lag behind. The lack of standards in the labor qualifications, the delimitation of the area of required competence could cause problems.

We do not suffer only a deficit at establishing benchmarks in the individual institutions. Overall, it can be said that there conformities have any public accessibility standards for all. Hence, the authenticity certifications, records of auditors are not existing.
The legal environment, the Hungarian health laws cannot be changed by anyone. Our Institutes’ deficiency however with hard work, but can be eliminated. For all of this, of course we need to know what are the typical avoidable problems.

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Author: Zsófia Erzsébet Deák
Lector: Zsuzsanna Kohl
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