Both worldwide and in Hungary companies put more and more emphasis on environmental awareness and energy efficiency. However, contrary to popular belief, an efficiency investments not just a marketing dodge . It is also represents real savings in the costs of the companies. In our country the business is primarily motivated by this factor for SMEs to take the necessary tilt. “For the institutions and companies is one of the most difficult tasks to cut costs, so look for the solutions, which is available through the reduction of the cost of improving energy efficiency. This is understandable, because a slight reduction in energy use is a big cost savings, “- said Kohl Zsuzsanna quality management expert to Profit & Market

This market compulsion is growing stronger because of the constraints of raw materials, services and mainly by a sharp increase in energy prices. Most of the companies calculate to further increase in energy prices, according to Policy Agenda-Ipsos survey. 82 percent of the business leaders expect an increase in energy prices in the next six months, 29 percent of them expect a significant price increase.

Pubisher: Piac&Profit

Author Zsuzsanna Kohl

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The real solution is the implementation of complete energy management system as it is designed for long-term, continuous controlled operation, not partial solutions. “- Zsuzsanna Kohl said. „This guarantees on one hand that the company can follow the situation of constantly changing energy market. On the other hand, a well-established and implemented system is independent from the management, so any change in the owner’s position not to have an impact to sustainable, affordable operation and efficient energy use. “- Lists the expert.
“It is necessary that the company formulate a strategy, goals and own rules that can fulfill of the commitments, be able to take the necessary steps to improve performance, and can prove that the system meets the expectations. With these changing our consumption can be reduced with 10-20 per cent.”

First, examine where the essential energy use is and for what purpose is done. Then we can determine compared to the baseline also what changes and developments we want. “- the expert emphasized.

“Second, there is a need to assess and prioritize before the introduction of new energy efficient improvements. Energy efficiency and environmental awareness should be ranked in the case of financial savings, in the purchase of new machinery and intelligent systems installed. The supplier rating is an important part of this because of the ongoing development of new service markets may affect the operation. “- Zsuzsanna Kohl said.

The third step should be the continuous monitoring and improvement of energy efficiency. Pay attention to our costs, we make sure that our developments, actions appear to have been reduced to our consumption. “With continuous review of the benchmarks, determination and control of the energy performance indicators the future energy use and consumption can be kept under control” – the expert say. Systematic reviews confirm the good energy management, ensure sustainable operations and show the areas or the system where they can be repaired. The energy management system will very soon achieve tangible results, its introduction is easy.